What is Instagram?


Discover the dynamic world of Instagram, an American photo and video sharing networking website revolutionized by Meta Platforms. This social media platform empowers users to share their stories through captivating media, enhanced with an array of rich features, including filters and glitter effects. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Instagram, exploring its functionalities, editing tools, and the art of maximizing visibility through hashtags and Geo Tagging.

A Meta-operated image-centric social media platform, it is available on IOS, Android, Windows, and the web. Users can take photos and edit them using built-in filters and other tools, then share them on other social media platforms like Facebook Tiktok and other such networks

Instagram Numbers

  1. Instagram is the world’s third most used application (tied with WhatsApp)
  2. Instagram and WhatsApp both have 2,000,000,0000 active users as of October 2023. The most-used platform? Facebook, with more than 3 billion monthly active users.
  3. In a survey of active social media users across the globe aged 16 to 64, Instagram was ranked number two as the preferred social media platform, claiming 15,7% of the vote. Whats App is the most liked media platform, with 16.6% of users reporting it’s their favorite

Instagram Features

  • Notes
  • Meta Verified
  • Collab posts with more friends
  • Insights on desktop
  • Broadcast Channels
  • Music on carousels
  • Reels templates
  • AI stickers
  • Photo stickers

Instagram drawbacks

Public Profiles it means that the pictures or videos created and shared using the app can be seen by anyone. We don’t need to outline to you the obvious privacy issues that this raises. See how to make posts private at the end of this article.

With an increase in new features such as Instagram Questions, the risk is that they will be used negatively and to cyberbully other users.

If you experience bullying on the platform take screenshot of the messages, block the bully and report them.

Like many other social networking sites, Instagram also has age limits, albeit ones which are difficult to enforce. In Ireland, the Digital Age of Consent is set at 16. According to its terms of service:

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