Apple Vision PRO

Apple Vision Pro is a computer that combines digital content and apps into your physical space, allowing you to control it with your eyes, hands and voice. Apple vision Pro and visionOS introduction

With the Vision Pro strapped in, you can watch movies and see your living room surroundings through the screen in front of you. You can download the recipe app via Apple’s headset and follow the instructions to set virtual cooking times on your dishes.


In the past, agencies have checked out augmented reality and virtual truth company use cases consisting of production, layout and area provider. Apple sees guided paintings which you do within the moment for schooling or execution of a venture as a large use case for this. Having a limiteless computing device with get admission to to everyday work programs will be useful for know-how employees too.


Along with the release date, Apple also announced that the device will have 256GB of storage, clarifying that the camera behind the lens of the device will be able to work with monocular power the big one only looks down, for people who don’t use their eyes at all

But interestingly, the company is trying to separate the headset from other devices on the market, asking developers to name their apps “spatial computing” instead

Don’t refer to your app experience as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), or mixed reality (MR), the blog post aimed at the developers said

How did Social media react

Reactions to the shocking images on social media varied widely, with some expressing joy and others bemoaning the impending disagreement we have to have with dystopian memories of a science fiction novel . . . . While social media is hardly a reliable indicator of larger public sentiments, some users have already stopped mocking mixed reality groups in favor of hailing them as the wave of the future.

It remains to be seen if the more expensive product will catch on with those not tuned in on the latest tech and gadget craze. For now, it seems safe to say that most people found the Vision Pro set a bit, well, confusing.

Developer’s statement

“We’re really focused on making sure we have the enterprise building blocks that companies expect for network support, making sure that we handle and protect corporate data with data security, we’re able to start with some basic prevention and how they deal with type powers.” Support tools such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace and the cloud infrastructure support that enterprise customers would expect can be added, he says.

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