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Movavi Video Editor

Movavi video editor. Very easy to use and with many great editing features, it’s perfect for beginners and professional users who want to crop, combine and enhance their clips with countless effects such as titles, filters, transitions and short chroma keys. this is great.

Movavi Video Editor has a free trial version that you can try for free or pay for permanent access to this advanced video editor and all its features. It’s easy and fast to use, lets you create finished videos in minutes, and makes the whole video editing process fun for everyone. This app also works as a video montage maker

  1. Key functions
  2. Clean, easy interface
  3. Accessible (supports 14 languages, plus all foremost running structures, devices, and enter/output report formats)
  4. Background rendering
  5. Chroma Key


  1. Transitions with sound
  2. Motion tracking and image-in-picture gear
  3. Lots of different filters, transitions, and results to choose from, plus built-in soundtracks, stickers, backgrounds, and motion pictures Affordable license price


VSDC Video Editor Pro

If you’re familiar with video creation and don’t mind that the program’s interface isn’t intuitive, VSDC Video Editor Pro offers a variety of tools to edit your videos. The most notable features are picture-in-picture filters, transparency, and effects. You can export your edited videos to various formats using pre-made profiles for popular devices. If desired, VSDC can also burn your project to DVD.

Key features

  • Motion tracking and text animation
  • AI-powered art filters
  • Layout and workflow are far from standard


  • Low price
  • Powerful features: chroma key, 4K, color wheel, 360 VR, and PiP
  • Non-linear editing


  • Interface lacks polish
  • Most of the functions are hidden in submenus
  • The program lacks full-screen video preview



ActivePresenter is a watermark-free screen recorder and video editor. It can be used to create screencast videos, manuals, presentations, documentation and interactive training demos. With a full-featured editor, the software allows you to edit audio and video, modify the look and feel of content, and decide on branching scenarios essentially and adequately. Content created with ActivePresenter can, for all intents and purposes, be delivered to any device and platform because it supports HTML5 and can be integrated with learning management systems.


  1. This program can support multiple file formats
  2. The built-in screen recording feature allows you to create videos directly from your device
  3. Ideal for educational content such as lectures and presentations
  4. Ideal for intermediate and advanced users


  1. NON

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Shortcut Video Editor is an open-source, cross-platform editor with a brilliantly simple and intuitive interface. It provides you with various panels that can be docked and undocked as you see fit. Visible information includes details about media properties, the encoding panel, the filter panel, and the job queue. You can likewise view recent files, view playlists with thumbnail view, and view recent search history. It has the ‘drag-and-drop’ function of your file manager.

Shortcut supports many audio and video formats and codecs, thanks to FFmpeg. Shortcut is very easy to work with; You have all the information, tools and functions you need to create quality content. It supports native editing of media files and has a multi-format timeline.

Key features

  • Support for the latest audio and video formats
  • Works with 4K videos
  • Native timeline editing with no imports needed
  • Webcam capture and audio capture
  • Multi-format timeline for mix and match projects

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