Tesla Marvel of 21st Century?

World full of car manufactorers, how did Tesla get into the mix? Elon Musk’s Tesla revolutionized the system with it’s introduction of fast, beautiful design cars. not just fast but durable, Tesla model 3 is running on the roads for past 5 years with no complains

Where it all started?

Motivation was to speed up the global adoption of sustainable energy by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. Tesla’s journey first leg began in 2008 when it launched Tesla Roadster. This sports car not only redefined the concept of electric cars but also heralded a new era in auto manufacturing.

Tesla Model S

Model S, Beautifully elegent, refined with good range. With its sophisticated aerodynamic design and cutting-edge technology, Model S became the epitome of electric luxury, challenging the notion that a sustainable vehicle is a compromise between style and substance.

Tesla Model X

Tesla spread its wings in the truest sense of the word with this model. This electric SUV has soared to target a growing number of customers who seek sustainability without sacrificing practicality or luxury.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 arrived with the goal of making electric cars available to the general public. At a reasonable price bracket, the Model 3 switched the focus to affordability and appealed to a wider audience without sacrificing the essence of Tesla’s electric magic.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y, a crossover that danced seamlessly between the worlds of practicality and sustainability. With its versatile configurations, Model Y expanded Tesla’s repertoire to meet the diverse needs of evolving car users.

Tesla Model Cybertruck

Tesla unleashes the Cyber truck. This beastly stainless steel giant challenges the very essence of what a truck should be. It wasn’t just an electric car. It was a statement, a heavy metal anthem that resonated throughout the auto industry.

Tesla Giga Factory

Tesla’s journey was not limited to the road. It spread to the heart of the industry. A big industrial model, the Giga factory has become a hub for battery production, reinforcing Tesla’s commitment to scale and sustainability.

Tesla Auto pilot

Tesla’s technology extends beyond the physical vehicle with autopilot functionality, a sonata of autonomy. Autonomous driving is no longer just a dream, but a reality that is essential to Tesla’s vision of secure, more effective transportation.

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