BIGO LIVE; To Join or Not?

Bigo Live is a global social live streaming platform owned by BIGO Technology based in Singapore, which was founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu. As of 2019, BIGO Technology is owned by JOYY, a global technology company listed on the NASDAQ


Primarily used by gamers, aspiring performing artists and want to be celebrities that require attention to get something out of BIGO Live, It’s unique features allow users to live broadcast their routines to get gifts and in return BIGO Live gives them points which could be later traded with dollars.

BIGO Features

You can also use the app to start a 1:1 live video chat with a friend, or create a room with up to nine people if you only want to stream for your close friends. One of the good features is you can go live with just your audio where you will not need to show your face, even if you are not showing your face you could voice chat with random users and make a great virtual life out of BIGO Live, you will only need a separate room where you can come online and make a voice broadcast that’ll encourage users to come to your broad you will have fun with them

How to earn money from BIGO LIVE

Live streaming can also be a way to make money, and Bigo Live is no exception, as users can buy ‘Beans’ with real-world balance and you can send gifts to your favorite streamer, some of the users get instant rich by just collecting gifts from random people you can also do the same if you aren’t that naïve to waste your money on people

BIGO Live is a good entertainment and source of money if you have got free hours on you it’s a virtual haven for people who are not introverts, you can make friends and in process could make alot of money. yes real money


A significant risk of Bigo Live is that some user-generated content can include bad language, violence, or nudity, including sexy talk and clothing. Also, users’ comments are often predatory, explicit and bullying.

Is BIGO Live Addictive?

Yes though the base app is free, users pay up to $89.99 to “recharge” in-app currency. monetize your videos and get dollars with good amount of views, you will need to create good content in order to come on the platform’s feed and then you if you are lucky you will be on the feed and money receiving end in no time

  1. For example, a user can exchange money for digital gifts and send them to his favorite broadcaster during the live-streaming of a video. The gifts, called “beans,” not only indicate the popularity of a streamer, but they can also be exchanged for real money.
  2. Beg users to buy them gifts most of the people gift streamers that is why BIGO has become a popular platform to earn
  3. Girls are in big number to get attention they badly require, most of them have become millionaires through gifting games, challanging one another to do dance and much more.

For more information about BIGO LIVE you will have to install the app from the play store and create an account which will get you to the speed

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